It was like hell having such a day as the beginning of a week.

I got extremely tired owing to one whole sleepless working night. I tried to do my best but can't help complaining secretly, well, since they always ask me / us to schedule everything properly and leave MUCH time for "the authority" to make their decision, how come they themselves always hand out the task at the last minute?

It's no big deal, though. That's job, I know. I can take that if other things go well.

But they just don't.

One of my mates who were in the same team with me while being trained sent a mail to the whole team, telling that he's going to quit the job at the end of June. He's not the only one who decide to leave recently. I've already lost Ding, who entered EB division with me last December. Probably I'll lose more mates in the near future, for sure, if the situation goes on.

Having a really bad headache and being tired and shocked somehow by the news, I walked into the restroom, tried very hard to stop my tears. Still I'm not brave and mature enough - perhaps I never will be THAT brave and mature - to let go of everything and everyone that I treasured so, so, so much.

I'm the one, who's afraid of being abandoned but always be. I'm so exhausted and upset now but no one will really listen. No one would really know.

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