My friends and I had a gathering yesterday at dinner time.

We've known each other for about 1 year. It's the training program that put us together. We are now all in different department / division / branch of the company, but we do have something in common - that is, most of us had entered this firm with great ideal. Some of us quitted our original jobs, turned other offers down, in order to get in here and build our career.

But I guess now we are no more those pure newbies. We're still hard-working, but we've already lost our belief. We will never be that enthusiastic anymore. I don't think I'd be capable of reasoning the result, but I can tell it's not us that are kind of easily-giving-up people. WHAT'S THE REAL REASON THEN?

I got back home, thinking of those days spent at the HR center, and that firm belief that pushed me to drop out from school and quit my last job, couldn't help but burst out crying.
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