The exam was quite different from the one of the first week courses.

Shall I explain the testing system first... On Monday mornings we've got to take exams, which contain the content of the former week. No kidding, it's kind of hard - I myself had been an undergraduate student in NTU, and then was a graduate student of TMU; yet I swear, these exams are surely much more threatening than those I'd taken at school. I've studied for the whole weekend - well, ok, I went out with YT, my man, for one movie and dinner at McDonald's. It only took me 5 hours or so, and I burned the mid-night oil till morning on Monday - but I hardly failed.

One who fail to pass the exam will only have one chance to make up - fail again, then you'll get FIRED.

Though I DO feel sorry for those who failed, I still can't help smiling till now. It's really a blessing that we've got the exam results today, and none of my teammates got less than 70 - which is the line between pass and fail. Under so much different pressures, I feel really happy on knowing this and almost hugged the one sitting next to me. XD

I'll try to study harder because I'm not really satisfied with my stupid score. All those practice and study will surely take me a lot of time, please wish me good luck, friends.
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  • jeremy
  • Congratulations!
    Never knowing working in that "Mountain" bank needs to pay so many efforts.
    I think after surviving the lousy grad school in TMU, you can conquer everything now!
  • hoyi
  • Dear Jeremy,
    YOU DID MAKE ME LAUGH! I cannot agree with you more though I've not survived the TMU task yet...

    Wish both of us good luck. ? XD