Once I thought I'm quite a person that cannot enjoy being alone. However, God's really wise to have given me chances to prove that I can survive somehow. I've got a ex-boyfriend who had been too busy to be my proper company. After breaking up with that guy, I've got YT who's always willing to be with me, yet he has been studying in some schools out of Taipei area for almost 7 years.

Environment and time can even train a pig to fly - oh, don't shake your head. Evolution is always playing trick on us, isn't it?

So now I'm kind of not used to being with people. Sounds stupid but true.

It's not that I cannot get along with people around me. Actually I love to talk to others very much - if you've known me for a while, you surely are aware of this fact - yet I've found that I need to be alone for some time every day; I need to have time to think, to post some nonsense like this one, or just to idle some little time away. It's a bit annoying for me that we've got to be with others for almost 24 hours a day here - my teammates and roommates are all extremely brilliant and nice, but I feel lonely casually, because I don't get many chances to getting along with my inner self.

Ah, well, this little article is not for complaining but just a note. Shall it reminds me in the future that I must treasure all my own time. And at the same time I shall be really thankful for having friends who never fail me when I am in need - just like now.

Hoyi, stop complaining and do something!
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  • shoe
  • Why do write in English so often recently? Does it mean anything?
  • hoyi
  • Er, not really. It's just that I'm now not at home and it's more convenient (and faster!) for me to write in English. ;)