It's really a sad day today.

I've slept for about 10 hours last night because I had burned mid-night oil till morning the day before yesterday, preparing for the 3rd week exam. I was not quite sure if studying for such a long time and having no rest was a good idea or not - owing to my own experience while in college, long time of study will be of low efficiency. But since I've got so much that had not been reviewed, I could do nothing but just study.

OK then. I passed the exam with a not so pretty score, but lots of my classmates - or to say, colleagues - have not. About 40 people got to take the make-up exam, fail which they will have to leave. Oh, now I know it's true - if you fail the make-up exam, you're out. 5 in my class were out today, and they even didn't come for dinner. Probably they'd got the messeage at noon and packed in the afternoon. Then done. While we were SOOOOOOOOO amazed and shocked on their leaving, some may have already got on the train home.

It's cruel but true. It's the real world. I did not take the HR coordinator's words, "You may consider yourselves students, you are now working though!" But now I know he's just warned us in advance. We'd always got a second (or 3rd, 4th...) chance being a student, but it's the world of working. You're not good enough; you can't catch up with others, then you have to go.

And for the 3rd week exam. It's also a depressing factor because 4 of my teammates got the score under 70, and have to take the makeup next week. They are all hard-working nice people, 2 of whom had studied with me the night before the exam. I'm extremely sure if any of them has to leave next week, I'll cry like a baby.


I'll have to study harder and try to get all chances practicing using the system. So many things to be done, so little time!!

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  • passenger
  • ^O^

    1. What's your scores? :P
    2. Your article reveals your fatigue.
    3. Cheer.
  • jeremy
  • everything will be just fine no matter what. carry on!