It's the night before we leave.

I was sitting in the 9F. discussion room. Everyone besides me had gone back to bedrooms, readying themselves for tomorrow. Alone there I was, feeling that I was just not ...

... ready to go.

Well, if you're not someone who's patient enough to read my terrible Engish journal, you should skip reading just now because it will surely be a long article, and I'm going to re-write it in Chinese soon. Two versions will only be a little bit different though.

There are still so many things that I haven't yet experienced and learned. There are still so many people that I haven't really got familiar with. We human beings are kind of strange - we never know how important things are until we're losing them. On the very first day, the whole training course seemed a never-ending one; yet now at the end it seems too short.

It's not that I'm afraid of going to my branch - I'm actually looking forward to being there, a little bit nervous though. Probably I was expecting more from here - on professional skills, maybe; on friends, or to say, on team, definitely.

I've left the Graduating Students' Association and since then never got so close to such a team. It has been a really long time that I almost forgot how important teammates are, how does a team work out tasks, and how is everything going to happen - at first we're individuals in a group but at last we're a whole. Any absence would make the group incomplete. Now I'm just starting to relearn that, but it's already time for departure...

More than like 5 times I just sat there in the 9F. discussion room, sometimes alone and sometimes with my dear colleagues, watching the sky outside the big window go from black to white, studying or simply chatting. We're never going to have the chance being all here again, owing to many going back to their hometown in different parts of our island.

I'm really upset and feeling extremely lonely now, probably because that there's no one who really has the same feeling with me. Guess I'm over-reacting on all these, again.

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