Well. This article is going to be written in English owing to my being lack of time. So I'm going to describe the longest week in my life (well, at least till now) with poor English.

It's my first week (not ended yet!) at D&L center of SOME bank. I'm not going to state its name clearly because I don't want to take any risk getting myself into trouble.

Taking this job offer was really a hard decision to made. I had got a nice job working at a consulting firm since this April, but for some reason I've got to quit, waving goodbye to my ex-boss and coworkers, who were allextremely nice. The bank in which now I'm being trained is famous for its Human Capital Development Plan - with which all the new employees are well-trained in about 6 months. The plan somehow sounded attractive to me, but I was also afraid that I might not survive the task, for its being REALLY tough. (Or at least sounded rough. HA.)

OK. Then I'm here. I've been OK because of the GREAT job the HR department has done. The environment here is really really nice, no joking. We've got nice suites, each shared by 3 people, equipped with clean sheets and brand-new towels and so on. Meals are also fine - Chinese-style breakfast (porridge and soybean milk and so on) or bread with butter / jam; for lunch and dinner we've got 6 dishes and 1 soup, accompanied with fruit. Coffee and tea are always available and they are ALL FOR FREE.

THEN WHY SHOULD THIS BE THE LONGEST WEEK OF MY LIFE? Nice shot. The solid training (or what you may like to call it) is quite a nice answer, isn't it?

I've not been taking more than 8 hours of courses per day since I've graduated from high school. Last year, as a post-graduate student whose main job was to fight against my DEAR thesis (and also advisor, ha), I was really... relaxed, I guess. Maybe too relaxed. Being here, I found it's really hard to keep awake from 7 in the morning till 11 at night, all time stuffed with courses, discussions, workshops, and different kind of activities. THEY EVEN MAKE US DO EXERCISE EVERY MORNING! The life style is kind of healthy, but very different from what I've been familiar with.

My mom (and myself, too) wanted me to adjust my life-cycle to kind of normal. I guess this whole training process may make this dream come true because I've got no time thinking of all those nonsense as I used to do.

THE ARTICLE IS MODIFIED ON JULY 14, 2007. I've been trying to correct all (or at least, most of) the grammatical mistakes I'd made, but there may probably still be some. Any comments and corrections will be appreciated. Thank you.

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  • jeremy
  • 祝你好運!你對於英文能如此輕鬆運用實在讓人印象深刻!有沒有考慮去外商公司領高薪啊?
  • hoyi
  • Hey, Jeremy, thanks for your comment. I'll take that as a compliment!

    Thought writing such things in (THAT) English is not really that easy, especially I've got very little vocabulary. And I found lots of errors on grammars just then. I'll back and correct them later.

    Guess I'll have to reply later for OUR GROUP is going to have a performance in 15 minutes. XD
  • jeremy
  • Your writing is very fluent and well structured as well grammatically correct(I could not identify any blunders in it).
    I would think the author whose mother tongue is English if I didn't know you.

    The bank now employs you is the best bank in Taiwan in my opinion.
    You made a right choice.

    Good Luck!
  • hoyi
  • Thanks again, Jeremy. I do hope that I would have the chance to prove that my choice is right! :P Guess I must pass all the tests first, which would surely be the most important factor for my next step - which division to go, and what job to do.

    Hope your everyday's gonna be fine, too. Take good care of yourself; gout's kind of annoying. My father suffered from that for like 5 or 6 years.
  • 路人丁
  • Well....

    I think Jeremy was being a bit exaggerated about the writing (XD). There are still some grammatical errors in this article, actually. Keep on going.
  • hoyi
  • XD

    Thanks for the comment above. Ya, I know, probably not some but many. Jeremy is my friend and he's just being really really nice to me. I'll try to make my writing better, and your comments - and corrections - will always be more than welcome. Thank you.